Heatherwood Total Horsemanship Camp

Have a fun, exciting experience learning total horsemanship during one of our equestrian camp weeks. Every camper will be assigned their own horse to care for during their camp week. Campers are taught about different breeds of horses, how horses think, horse anatomy, grooming, saddling, and how to properly maintain a horse in good health. Every level of riding experience will be accommodated and advanced.

Heatherwood staff will help our campers become self confident & responsible in every aspect of their horses care, including feeding, grooming, saddling, bathing, and stall maintenance.

A camp week is Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 3:30 PM. On Friday, our campers will put on a show for their invited guests. Guests should arrive at 3 PM. We expect to finish around 5 PM.

During our camp week we will do a horse related craft, go fishing in the pond, ride on the wooded trails and play games on horseback. Each camper will also make a memory scrap book with pictures of themselves, their horse, and new friends working, learning, and having fun.

Heatherwood's Equestrian Summer Camp is designed to foster learning, self confidence and responsibility for ourselves as well as our horse companions.

Space is limited in each weekly session to give each camper the utmost positive hands-on experience.