We have a family friendly atmosphere and welcome all disciplines of riding styles & breeds. Mares, geldings & young horses are welcome but we can not accept stallions. We are not set up for them. 

We are not a fancy show barn and do not have all the bells & whistles but we do our best to take good care of every horse and animal living at Heatherwood. It is important to us that each individual is treated with kindness, respect and care for any special needs they may have.

Currently boarding at Heatherwood is $550 per month. Board is the same whether you board one or more horses.

Boarders will have use of our Outdoor & Indoor Riding Arenas as well as our Wooded Riding Trails. The indoor arena has footing of crushed rubber & sand. The large outdoor riding arena has a sand base with multiple & varied jump standards & poles. The riding trails offer a tranquil wooded setting with a pond trail for extra enjoyment.

Many of our horses stay outside unless the weather is extremely hot, cold or wet. In that case they will be brought inside to their stall in which to relax until they can go outside again. Each pasture has one or more sheds in order for horses to take shelter at any time.

Horses are brought in each day to be grained and given supplements according to each horse’s individual diet. Hay is available at all times both in the stalls and in the pastures. If a horse is on a restricted diet we will stall and pasture that horse accordingly.

Our stalls are rubber matted and bedded with pine shavings. We provide a mineral/salt block, the grain & water buckets. Each stall has an electric outlet for convenience of fans or shaving equipment. Stalls are cleaned daily.

There is not a price difference in a horse being stalled or pasture boarded.  We maintain the pastures, fencing & shelters, provide hay and feed grain according to dietary requirements. We use large hay bales in the pastures. Heaters are in the water troughs in the winter.

We pasture horses according to each individual’s personality and who they get along with. 

Heatherwood will schedule all farrier visits & annual veterinary exams, coggins & updating of vaccinations. There is no need for you to take off work or school-we stay with each horse during these visits. All vet & farrier expenses will be billed directly to the horse owner. If an owner decides to use their own vet or farrier they are responsible to be present during this service.

Owners are responsible to provide extra supplements for their horse as required. If you provide supplements & medications they will be added to your horses daily feed as needed.

Horses must be up to date on vaccinations & coggins before entering Heatherwood property.

There is a boarding agreement we go over at the time you are ready to reserve a space to board a horse. It explains expectations & responsibilities of boarders & Heatherwood. A last month board/security deposit is due when reserving a spot for boarding your horse.